How to Make Money on Youtube without Making Videos

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Is it possible to generate money on YouTube without your videos? Without a doubt! If you’ve been thinking about it, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started.

YouTube is one medium that creates new billionaires every day. This website allows you to earn money by having others view the videos you upload. And individuals are making much money from it.

But did you know you don’t have to post your videos to earn money on YouTube? You read it correctly! While it is unlawful to utilize other people’s original work for profit owing to copyright limitations, there is a g way to do so – Creative Commons.

YouTube allows original video owners to enable the YouTube community to utilize their videos without violating copyright. Original video owners may add a Creative Commons License (CC BY) to their videos, allowing other users to republish them with changes lawfully.

This implies you may start a YouTube channel without ever making unique videos and still earn money.

We provided a comprehensive explanation of the precise legal procedures you must do to earn money on YouTube without creating videos in this post.
Easy techniques to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

So, how can you earn $100 every day on YouTube without uploading any videos? Allow me to demonstrate.
How to Make Money on Youtube without Making Videos
1. Determine the best Niche

Getting the right Niche to focus on is the essential step before anything else. Here, you choose a specialty in which you are interested and one in which you may earn money. Keep in mind that YouTube is all about viewing time and views.

The goal is to choose videos that will attract traffic. In this manner, you may enjoy the fruits as soon as feasible.

But how do you find the appropriate videos?

Keyword research – which videos are people looking for on YouTube the most? Recognizing this is a massive step in the correct path.

There are many excellent keyword research tools available, like Semrush, KW Finder, and others, to assist you in identifying films that are likely to generate traffic. This, however, implies that you must be familiar with keyword research.

One thing to keep in mind: While keywords with the greatest CPC (cost per click) and search volume provide the best returns, they are also the most difficult to rank for.

With the proper keywords in hand, you’re now ready to look for those one-of-a-kind films that will rank.

2. Establish Your Channel

You may now establish your own YouTube channel, ready to republish content, now that you have a niche and the appropriate keywords.

Sign in to the platform using your smartphone or PC, then click on your profile picture to create the channel.

Fill in the bio area with numerous keywords to guarantee that people discover the channel and that YouTube does not identify you as a robot or even prohibits your usage of the track.
This is one method for learning how to make money on YouTube without revealing your face. In this phase, you utilize Creative Commons-licensed videos related to the keywords you discovered in the first stage.

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How to Go About It:

Go to and sign in.

In the search box, enter the desired term.

Click on the “Filters” icon in the upper left-hand corner of the first video from the list of videos shown.

Go to “Features” and choose “Creative Commons.”

Select and download the movies you want from this area, then modify, assemble, and republish them.

4. Improve the Videos

This step ensures that your videos get good watching and watch time to earn you money. As a result, you must optimize the videos to be both attractive to viewers and simple to locate. To do this, you must edit the films, create unique and appealing names and thumbnails, and use these movies to construct a narrative.

Consistency is also essential if you want to increase visitors to your channel. Viewers must be able to discover fresh and engaging videos regularly to return to your channel.
5. Make Money from Your Channel

The ultimate aim of all of this is to earn money. So, now that you’ve done all possible to guarantee that your video will attract viewers, it’s time to monetize your channel. This is the only method to begin making money with the track.

To begin, enable your monetization. Second, set up a Google AdSense account.

To do so, navigate to your user icon at the top of the page and choose the Creator studio button. Several options will appear on the left side of the page from here. Select the first option, “Status and Features,” and then click “Enable.”

Following that, YouTube will urge you to create a Google AdSense account, which is a simple process. And now you’re ready to earn money on YouTube without creating videos. Sounds simple.

People are earning much money from this. You have to know is which buttons to press.

Is it possible to make money on YouTube without using advertisements?

We are used to the idea that to make money on YouTube, you must utilize advertisements. This, however, is not the only method to make money on YouTube. Other fantastic ways to earn money on YouTube include:

Affiliate hyperlinks

Offering products for sale

YouTube advertising sponsorships

Selling e-books and online courses

Providing consultancy services

This provides YouTube users with a broader range of money-making possibilities that do not depend on advertisements.

How to Make Money on YouTube with Music

Many musicians’ careers have gotten their start on YouTube. With over 2 billion users, the platform provides one of the most powerful channels for music marketing.

But how exactly does it work? How can you make money on YouTube by uploading music?

The YouTube Partner Program is where the majority of musicians begin. This enables musicians to monetize their channels and make money via advertisements as their followers listen to their music. To qualify, you must have at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in 12 months.

You must also be a Google AdSense registered user and a country resident that supports YouTube operations.

Other ways to make money from Youtube videos include:

Merchandise Rack

Membership in a Channel

Feature of Super Chat and Stickers

Subscriptions to YouTube Premium

YouTube Music Earnings

These alternatives enable musicians to earn money via their music, but some are more difficult to join than others.

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