How to Make Money Publishing Videos on YouTube 2021

Over the years I’ve had many online projects, but YouTube has been the best way for me to make content and make money online. It also allows me to share my passion for technology.

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It is unlikely that you will be able to live on the revenue you make from advertising on your videos unless you have a large channel. However, you can still make money with your channel through other avenues.
In the FameBit Marketplace, for example, you will find sponsorship opportunities from thousands of companies. To make money, all you need to do is to publish reviews about products and services.
YouTube channels, just like other social media platforms, can be used to launch new products and services.
YouTube has never been easier as many smartphones and tablets can record videos in 4K or 1080P. A tripod can be used to produce stunning results. You can also connect a microphone to get better audio. Finally, you can buy cheap lights at a local DIY shop to enhance the lighting.


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