Resell Website Hosting and Make Money

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Resell Website Hosting and Make Money

Reseller hosting is one the most established businesses on the internet. It is the backbone of the entire website hosting industry.
Resellers are those who purchase hosting packages from hosting companies and then resell the resources to other people. This is how most website hosting companies work, even those with thousands of clients.

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Digital Ocean, for instance, provides servers for Cloudways hosting companies in the cloud hosting industry.
Hosting resellers need to market their services to get customers. Then, they must provide outstanding support to keep them coming back.
Most website hosting companies offer both an affiliate program or a reseller program. While an affiliate program pays a standard commission for referrals to the company, a reseller program allows you full control over what your customers pay.
Resellers used to have to create a website for the host reselling company. This site had an account dashboard and support area. However, larger hosting companies now simplify the process.
Hosting reselling is hard work, but you can still make a lot of money if you’re willing to put in the effort.


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