Write a Book and Make Money from Online and offline

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Write a Book and Make Money from Online and offline

Publishing a book in print or digital format is easy with the advent of digital publishing. Books can be published on any topic, including romance, science-fiction, and history.

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Word processing software such as Microsoft Word can be used to create books and upload them to online bookstores for approval. Many book stores will give you a template to help you write your book. This simplifies the entire process.
Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform is the perfect way to self-publish a book in the largest bookstore in the world.
Amazon will approve your book within 24 to 48 hours after submission. You can also earn up to 70% of the price you specify. Authors retain all rights to their books. They can also make any changes to published books at any time.
Writing a book takes many hours of dedication, just like building a website or a blog.
You should consider it. Publishing books can help you not only make money, but can also boost your profile and complement other online projects.


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